Logistics – Pallets Package

Nov. 26, 2020

We shipped out one 40HQ container in pallets package to Denmark in Nov.26

As we know, it is normal demand in this kind of packing method for big importer.  Let me introduce how to design the sales ready package  prepare and handle it.

Pallets quality demand and specification

The carrying capacity of the pallet is very important. We must make sure that the pallet is stable and strong enough to carry the goods. It is quite decisive that the pallets are made strong enough for the goods, no matter which material the pallet is made of. The pallet must endure the transportation, as well as the subsequent handling of the pallets


When we are choosing the one-way pallets size, we have to make sure that the size of pallet fits the container’s size. The suitable size is 1100mm X1100CM (width X length), two side by side pallets just fits the width of container, so that the container space can be saved.


Packing for the pallets

In order to make it easier for customer to find out the goods in their warehouse, we must obey the below rules:

1.Cartons must be kept within the pallet dimensions, so the cartons size must be 60X40cm (length X width),the height adjust according to the carton layers;

2.Weight must be distributed evenly across the pallet;

3.The cartons on the pallet must be wrapped in foil, to ensure stability during transport, as well as dust production, foil cannot cover the pallet.

4.No individual wrapping of single cartons must be employed, and no part of wrapping must get in touch with the pallet

5.Pallets must not be foiled together with other pallets

6.Removing foil should not result in collapse-of a single row or the entire pallet

7.One item number per pallet

8.The labels of all the boxes must be visible without splitting up the pallet

Loading the pallet on container

In order to prevent damaged cases and to facilitate the handling during receipt at customer’s warehouse, it is important to arrange the packing of the container according to the following instructions:

1. When goods are stacked in the container, it have to at lest 150mm free space between top of the goods and the ceiling so the goods can be loaded and unloaded by means of a fork-lift truck or other handling equipment.  The fork-lift pockets under the pallet must be at least 100 mm high (from floor to underside) and 200 mm wide. This ensures that the pallets can be handled automatically with lifting equipment at customers warehouse.

2. Optimize the packing of the container by stacking in multiple layers, our PU raincoat are not large and heavy or light(crushable) , so we put two pallets on top of each other to fit the 40HQ container height

3. Pay careful attention to the fact that if using a one way pallet, the opening of the pallets must be facing the rear end/opening of the/truck container.

4. If your order comprises many different articles, you have to make multiple layers in order to avoid mixing of the articles as the customer want to receive “clean” units。You can either do that by inserting an extra pallet or a slip-sheet.

5. All components must be adequately secured and protected to prevent movement inside the master carton as well as in the container.


In brief, All the requirements are to ensure the goods not to be damaged during transportation, and easy check out and unload in customer’s warehouse.

Logistics – Pallets Package

Logistics – Pallets Package

Logistics – Pallets Package

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